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2 Day Barista Package


This class has been put together to get someone from zero experience to the point where they can obtain work as a part time barista or full time under the guidance of more senior staff. With the combination of the 1st and 2nd Degrees this covers all the basic theory and skills required of the modern day barista and also allows plenty of time to put the skills into practice.

By the end of the 2 days training you will be able to make espresso and adjust the sensory results for specific outcomes, steam milk and pour all the beverages on the cafe menu, complete the daily preparation, calibration and closing procedures, and pour basic latte art patterns!

Course Content;

  • Sensory Evaluation

  • Opening Procedure

  • Workflow Practices

  • Brew Ratio & Tolerance

  • Taste Balance

  • Texture

  • Brew Time & Tolerance

  • Flavour / Aftertaste / Aroma

  • Latte Art - Heart

  • Latte Art - Integration

  • Latte Art - Symmetry

  • Latte Art - Rippling

  • Closing Procedure

  • Barista Fundamentals

  • Coffee Equipment Functions

  • Correct Storage Practices

  • Periodic Maintenance

  • Dose & Distribution Techniques

  • Effective Tamping

  • Water Saturation

  • Channeling

  • Heating Milk

  • Stretching Milk

  • Texturing Milk

  • Pouring Beverages

  • Cafe Menu

Course cost: RM1,290

Certificate upon completion but most importantly you will be able to brew all the delicious coffees a barista makes in a cafe. Our commitment is to you obtaining the skills to brew and present amazing coffees (rather than just getting a piece of paper!).

22nd & 23rd April
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6th & 7th May
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13th & 14th May
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30th & 31th May
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3rd & 4th June
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10th & 11th June
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17th & 18th June
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24th & 25th June
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1st & 2nd July
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8th & 9th July
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15th & 16th July
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22nd & 23rd July
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Trainer Profile

Tristan Michael Creswick

Barista - 21 years

Barista Trainer - 12 years

Barista Judge - 11 years

Coffee Roaster - 10 years


Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment (AUS)

SCA Professional Barista (USA)

SCA Intermediate Brewer (USA)

SCA Intermediate Roaster (USA)

(SCA: Specialty Coffee Association)