3rd Degree - Advance Espresso


This class is for anyone that already has experience using coffee equipment and adjusting the variables to create an espresso recipe but wants to know how to get the best from different single origin’s or blends with both the black coffee (espresso) and with milk-based beverages as well! We’re going to be using the knowledge and skills we’ve learned in the 1st and 2nd degree and putting them to use. The focus will be more on the sensory results and we include sensory development activities so you can start to refine your senses. We will also learn how to program coffee equipment and the more advanced techniques for creating Latte Art patterns so we can present all of our coffees in an impressive manner!

Course content;

  • Sensory Triangulation

  • Effective Workflow Practices

  • Coffee Blend Calibration

  • Single Origin Calibration

  • Calibrating Espresso for Milk Based Coffees

  • Basket & Dose Selection

  • Equipment Programming

  • Latte Art - Tulip

  • Latte Art - Rosetta

  • Latte Art – Swan

Training outcomes: by the end of this session you will be able to calibrate espresso for single origins and blends as well as for milk-based coffees. You will also be able to program the volumetric counters on a coffee machine and the dose on a coffee grinder, be able to prepare drink orders with effective workflow proctices as well create more advanced Latte Art patterns such as Tulip, Rosetta and Swan.

Course Cost: RM695

Duration: 5 hours


Trainer Profile

Tristan Michael Creswick (Australian)

Barista: 20 years | Coffee Trainer: 12 years

Barista Judge: 11 years | Roaster: 10 years


CertIV Workplace Training & Assessment (AUS)

SCA Professional Barista, Intermediate Brewer, Intermediate Roaster (USA)

Certificate of attainment upon completion!

In order to qualify for this class you must be able to perform basic latte art consistently, be able to adjust a coffee grinder, and be able to identify sourness & bitterness intensity in espresso. If you are not competent with any of those we suggest you join our 2nd Degree of Coffee class before joining for this class (although it is not at all mandatory).

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