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5th Degree - Filter Fundamentals

 “If you want to be a master you must master the foundations”


You can’t call yourself a barista unless you can make tasty filter hand brews! This lesson will guide you through all the fundamental variables that cause coffee to taste differently and teach you how to manipulate them for filter / hand brew coffee. It is a practical lesson and we learn the theory by experience, you will be brewing all the coffees using a v60 or Aeropress (and maybe even both!) and developing your skill and sensory ability while you learn how the variables effect the tastes, flavours and textures of the coffee.

Course content;

  • Dosing Standards

  • Ratio Standards

  • Temperature Range

  • Brew Water Analysis

  • Aeropress Techniques

  • v60 Techniques

  • Filter Sensory Basics

  • Evaluation Methods

  • Brewing Method Definition

  • Filter Recipe Standards

  • Flow Rate Protocol

  • Filter Brewing Equipment

  • Grind Profiling

  • Brew Time Standards

If you have been brewing filter coffees and getting inconsistent results, or you want to know what to change in a recipe to get different / better results, or if you have never brewed a filter coffee before and want to get started then this is the best filter class for you join!


Trainer Profile

Tristan Michael Creswick (Australian)

Barista: 20 years | Coffee Trainer: 12 years

Barista Judge: 11 years | Roaster: 10 years


CertIV Workplace Training & Assessment (AUS)

SCA Professional Barista, Intermediate Brewer, Intermediate Roaster (USA)

Training outcomes;

by the end of this session you will be able control and manipulate the flavours of filter coffee by using a V60 / Aeropress.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Class Pax: 4-6

Note: This class requires minimum registrants to go ahead. If the minimum is not met, you’ll be notified and placed in the next available class.

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Certificate upon completion!

Group bookings or private classes are absolutely welcome. We can run private classes from 3 pax up to 8 pax. Please fill out this quick form and we’ll prepare a quote for you!

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