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Cottle Coffee Academy

Teaching Barista in Melbourne & Sydney (Australia) for over 20 years…

…and we’re bringing our best content to Kuala Lumpur!

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Coffee is one of those subjects that if your not learning something every day you’ll be left behind quickly!

There is so much you can learn about coffee! In fact, its an overwhelming and incredibly complex subject. There is a wealth of information available online (often free) but it’s very difficult to comprehend the terms (and slang) that people use unless you have a full perspective and can appropriate the information and how it interrelates. You need a full perspective of the causes and effects of coffee before you can start to integrate all of the minutia.

Whether you just have a general interest and want to explore, you want to perfect your skills and receive recognition, or you want to kick start your coffee career the right way, the Cottle Coffee Academy has something for you.

We’ve trained over 2000 Barista in Australia, Vietnam & Malaysia!

Our trainer has spent the better part of his career learning the best way to teach others, he will help you understand the science and art of coffee.

We have classes for every level and can customize classes for groups.

Each class is designed as a hands on practical lesson with the theory intertwined. You will be learning what makes coffee good by actually making it (and of course tasting it) while we will guide you through all of the things that cause it to taste better (or worse).

There is no one else in Malaysia with as much experience teaching Barista as the Cottle Coffee Academy!


Trainer Profile

Tristan Michael Creswick (Australian)

Barista: 20 years | Coffee Trainer: 12 years

Barista Judge: 11 years | Roaster: 10 years


Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment (AUS)

SCA Professional Barista, Intermediate Brewer, Intermediate Roaster (USA)