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Whether you just have a general interest and want to explore, you want to perfect your skills and receive recognition, or you want to kick start your coffee career the right way, the Cottle Coffee Academy has something for you.

Coffee is one of those subjects that if your not learning something every day you’ll be left behind quickly

There is so much you can learn about coffee. In fact, its an incredibly complex and often overwhelming subject. If you want to learn the right way in the shortest way possible you need personal attention and guidance from an experienced coffee trainer.

We’ve trained over 2000 Barista in Australia, Vietnam & now Malaysia

Our trainer has spent the better part of his career learning the best way to teach others, he will help you understand the science and art of coffee.

We have classes for every level and can even customize classes for groups

Each class is designed as a hands on practical lesson and we learn all the theory’s as we’re brewing the coffees. You will be learning what makes coffee good by actually making it (and of course tasting it!).

Unlock your coffee skills today


The Cottle Coffee Academy is an affiliate of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) which a non-profit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas, all over the world. The Coffee Skills Program (CSP) classes offer education for every stage of your career and are administered by the SCA and taught by our very own Authorized SCA Trainer (AST).



Which courses are right for me?

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I am a Beginner (with no experience) and want to get started!

I am a Home Brewer (have equipment at home or plan to buy) and want to know how to brew amazing coffee!

I work in a Cafe (or have some experience working in a cafe) and want to develop my skills further!

Specialty Coffee Association - SCA (internationally accredited classes) Coffee Skills Program - CSP

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