Pesado 58.5 Matte White

Pesado 58.5 Matte White


PESADO 58.5mm Tamper

Our Pesado range is made with innovation, attention to detail and technology to help you achieve the perfect coffee. All anodized aluminum handles along with our stainless steel bases have been machined with the most advanced tools for absolute precision.

Stainless Steel PESADO 58.5 Base:

The tamper diameter is 58.5 mm, to maximize the full basket coverage and the edge on the Pesado base is incredibly sharp at 90° which ensures precision and a complete and even tamp every time. Most tamper producers have implemented a curved shap as been made with the most advanced technology. The inner diameter is being made with the highest accuracy, which means a tamper with an outside diameter of 58.5 ≥.00mm will fit into every basket with absolutely minimum play.

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