16/6 - Sunday - 2 PM

16/6 - Sunday - 2 PM


2nd Degree – Intermediate Espresso 

Building on the 1st Degree this class will teach you how to control the coffee variables and create an espresso recipe then compliment it with a basic Latte art pattern – a love heart. In this lesson we begin to look at sensory evaluation and how the different variables change the tastes of the coffee. It is a must for anyone that wants to learn the techniques to create Latte Art or be able make a great tasting coffee at home or a cafe! 

Course content;

- Opening Procedure

- Barista Workflow

- Espresso Taste Balance

- Espresso Texture

- Espresso Aftertaste

- Latte Art - Integration

- Latte Art - Heart

- Latte Art - Symmetry

- Latte Art - Rippling

- Closing Procedure

Training outcomes: by the end of this lesson you will be able to manipulate brew ratio’s and brew times for specific outcomes, pour basic Latte Art patterns, prepare drink orders with effective workflow practices and clean an espresso machine and grinder.

Course Cost: RM490

Duration: 3.5 hours 

Certificate of attendance upon completion!


- You must complete the 1st Degree or prove recognition of prior learning (RPL) before enrolling in this class. To apply for RPL please email tristan@cottlecoffee.com.my

- This class requires minimum registrants to go ahead, if the minimum is not met you’ll be notified and placed in the next available class.

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