27/2/19 - Wednesday 9.30am

27/2/19 - Wednesday 9.30am


3rd Degree – Professional: Advanced brewing methods 

You can’t truly call yourself a barista unless you can make tasty filter hand brews! This lesson will guide you through all the variables that cause coffee to taste differently and teach you how to manipulate them for filter / hand brew coffee.

Our trainer has over 20 years’ experience working with coffee as a barista, trainer, competitor and coffee roaster. He will help you understand the science and art of coffee.

This class will orientate you to become an expert barista. It is suitable for those that are interested in advanced brewing methods only.

Course content;

-Coffee Cupping

-Coffee Brewing Methods

-Advanced Grind Profiling

-Brewing Variables

-Water for Coffee Analysis

-Brewing for Roast Profiles

-Single Origin vs Coffee Blend

-Coffee Species and Varietal

-Processing Methods

-Coffee Defect Identification

-Filter Coffee Equipment

-Steep Brewing Techniques

-Drip Brewing Techniques

By the end of this lesson you will be able to brew filter coffees for specific sensory outcomes and be able to cup coffee for quality control. 

Course Cost: RM450

Duration: 3.5 hours

Certificate upon completion!


- This class requires minimum registrants to go ahead. If the minimum is not met, you’ll be notified and placed in the next available class.









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