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SCA Barista Foundation

2 Day Barista Course

Everything you need to get started working as a Barista

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This class is designed to get someone from zero experience to the point where they start working as a Barista. The modern day Barista must have the ability to brew espresso and maintain a consistent brew time through grinder calibration, steam and texture milk with glossy textured microfoam, and prepare all the beverages on the Cafe Menu, with Latte Art!

We have combined all the material in the 1st Degree and 2nd Degree courses in a two day course here so we can cover all the required knowledge and skills demanded of a Professional Barista.

Your career as a Professional Barista starts here

Consistently good coffee requires a high level of attention to detail. Through this session you will learn what the espresso standard is and the step-by-step procedure for extraction so you can make it consistently, as well as how to steam silky textured milk so so you can prepare the Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and all the other delicious milk based coffees in the cafe menu, with basic Latte Art!

Perfect for beginners and requires no previous experience


If you want to be a master you must master the foundations

This course builds the knowledge and competencies that a busy Cafe environment requires of a Barista, you will discover the workflow techniques and standard operating procedures that enable a barista to work efficiently and effectively. It is a two day course which is suitable for people that have a little experience and focuses on espresso calibration, basic equipment maintenance and Latte Art.

Your sensory journey of coffee starts here

We will begin to look at sensory evaluation and how the different brewing variables effect the taste, texture and flavours of coffee. You will learn what senses we use and how the coffee characteristics typically manifest through them so you can identify and describe them to customers. An essential requirement and the foundational aspect of the ability to recommend and promote different blends and single origin coffees.


Certificate upon completion

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Some of our students


This class is ideal for;

  • A person that has never used a coffee machine and grinder before

  • Someone that’s planning to open a Cafe and wants to know the Barista Competencies

  • Someone that has coffee equipment at home and wants to use it properly

  • A person that wants to know exactly what the correct steps to making espresso are

  • Someone that is unable to steam milk with glossy textured microfoam consistently

  • Anyone that is unsure how to make all the beverages on the Cafe Menu correctly

  • An aspiring barista trainer that wants to know a tried and tested delivery method for teaching


Course Content


Barista Basics

  • Essential Core Values

  • Fundamental Brewing Concepts

Espresso Foundations

  • Extraction Methods

  • Defining Espresso

  • Extraction Process

  • Crema

Basic Espresso Recipe

  • Ingredients

  • Dose, Yield, Brew-Time

  • Coffee Variables

Equipment Fundamentals

  • Grinder Basic Function

  • Grinder Types

  • Espresso Machine Intro

  • Basic Functions

  • Machines Types

  • Brewing Accessories

Effective Workflow Practices

  • Mis En Place / Item Placement

  • Espresso Bar Systemisation

  • Brewing Routine

  • Consistency

Steaming Milk & Pouring Beverages

  • Heating Milk

  • Foaming Technique

  • Texturing Process

  • Separation

  • Combining Milk

  • Pouring Techniques

Cafe Menu Standards

  • Traditional Vs Modern

  • Regional Variations

  • Building Drink Protocol

  • Milk Based Beverages

  • Basic Menu Offering

  • Advanced Menu Offering

Daily Cleaning Procedure

  • Effects of Cleaning

  • Closing Procedure

  • Espresso Machine Maintenance

  • Coffee Grinder Maintenance


Coffee Bean Info

  • Plant Introduction

  • Growing Conditions

  • Caffeine Content

  • Sensory Properties

  • Visual Differences


  • Degassing / Flavour Peak

  • Storage & Usage

Roast Degree Influence

  • Roasting Fundamentals

  • Roast Degree & Sensory Properties

Workflow Management

  • Grinder Components

  • Espresso Machine Components

  • Safe Use of Equipment

  • Clean & Organised Workspace

Managing Espresso Recipes

  • Recipe Standards

  • Variable Tolerences

  • Grinder Calibration

  • Water Saturation

Sensory Development

  • SCA Terminology

  • Identifying Extraction Levels

  • Describing Sensory Characteristics

Milk Product Info

  • Freshness

  • Storage

  • Milk Content

Latte Art Basics

  • Pouring Techniques

  • Quality Standards

Water Quality

  • Filtration & Mineral Content

  • Effect on Brew Quality

  • Effect on Equipment

Cafe Management

  • Customer Experience

  • Consumer Preferences

Training Outcomes

Lesson goals

by the end of this lesson you will be able to make espresso according to the international espresso standard, keep the equipment clean, steam milk and create the 5 main beverages from the café menu according to their international standard, be able to adjust and the grind and maintain a consistent brew time, pour a basic Latte Art pattern (Heart), clean an espresso machine and grinder effectively, and follow efficient workflow practices effectively.

Course Cost: MYR 1,650

(early bird price: MYR1,100 - available for bookings 2 weeks in advance)

SCA Certification Cost: EUR 72 (included)

Duration: Day 1: 6hrs / Day 2: 6.5hrs - 1 hr lunch break each day

(Weekday Classes: 9AM to 4:30PM / Weekend Classes: 10AM to 5:30PM)

Prerequisites (mandatory): None

Recommended (but not mandatory): Introduction to Specialty Coffee

Note: This class requires a minimum registrants to go ahead. If the minimum is not met, you’ll be notified and given a choice of other dates to attend.

Why train with us?

  • You will be taught by a coffee expert (not a class room teacher) that teaches real world practices (not just theory)

  • We’ve served over 70,000,000 cups of our coffee to more than 1,400,000 happy customers at our Melbourne Cafe & Roastery

  • We’ve trained over 3000 Barista’s and have developed our own course material (most teachers just copy other teachers)

  • Our course material is up to date and current (not traditional “Italian” or “European” out of date practices)

  • The classes are designed to allow maximum interaction with the trainer so you can get personal attention (maximum 4 students per class)

  • You will be using artisan roasted coffee and be able to enjoy it just like they do in our Cafe in Melbourne (but it will be made with your own hands)

  • We don’t limit the amount of drinks you can make, you can make as many coffees as you like within the class time


Internationally Accredited Certificate

SCA Barista Foundation Certification


The Coffee Skills Program (CSP) was built by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to create a structured learning pathway with specific qualification levels. Specialty coffee is a diverse industry with loads of opportunity. The CSP allows you to choose the education path that suits your interests and needs.


How it works - 6 modules. 3 Levels. 1 Diploma.

Pass Exams. GET CERTIFIED. And Grow a Coffee Career!

This class is worth 5 points towards the CSP Coffee Diploma

The CSP consists of six different modules: Introduction to Coffee, which only has one level, and five specialist modules: Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills. Each of the specialist modules is available at three different levels, with points attached at every stage. You may choose the modules that fit your interests and needs. Once you have achieved 100 points, you will be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

SCA Barista Foundation Certificate is included in this class (no additional cost)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t use PayPal, is there any other way I can pay?

A: Of course! There are two options, you can use the guest check out option (see the image below) or do a bank transfer (more info below)

Q: Where are the classes held?

A: The classes are held at our micro roastery and espresso bar in Sunway Damansara Technology Park (see map below)

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: We don’t include lunch in our fee’s but you can get food close by (we’ll show you where the best eats are)

Q: Do I need to bring anything to the class?

A: You are welcome to a bring pen and paper if you like to write your own notes but everything will be provided (except lunch), including a workbook, so you don’t need to bring anything

Q: What languages are available?

A: Currently we only have classes available in English

Q: Is the SCA Certificate included in the price?

A: Yes it is!


Trainer Profile

Tristan Michael Creswick

Born in Australia - Currently City: Kuala Lumpur

Bio: Tristan started working in a cafe, washing dishes, when he was 16. Not long after he was behind the coffee machine pulling shots and has spent most of his career working with coffee since. He has competed (and won) in Barista competitions, owned 2 popular cafes and a coffee roastery, was the Operations and Training Manager for a national coffee franchise and has been in all sorts of diverse roles in F&B and the coffee industry along the way.

His experience has caused him to recognize the results that education can bring so he continues to be a scholar himself and has made a committed to educating others. He teaches all levels of Barista and unlike most trainers he still keeps very active teaching the basic levels so his ability and methods of delivering training are very refined and he can take someone from zero skill/knowledge to advanced in a very short amount of time.


Barista: 20 years +

Coffee Trainer: 12 years +

Barista Judge: 11 years +

Roaster: 10 years +



Cert IV Training & Assessment

SCA Professional Barista

SCA Intermediate Brewer

SCA Intermediate Roaster


2019 Cambodia National Barista Championship - Sensory Judge

2019 Malaysian Open Barista Championship - Sensory Judge

2019 Malaysian Open Latte Art Championship - Visual Judge

2019 ASEAN Open Roast Master Championship (Vietnam) - Sensory Judge

2019 Malaysian National Barista Championship - Sensory Judge

2018 Malaysian Drip Bag Championship - Highest Scoring Coffee

2017 Malaysian National Aeropress Championship - Sensory Judge

2016 CAFFA Latte Art Throwdown (Malaysia) - 2x Champion (1st place)

2015 Worlds Richest Barista Championship (Australia) - Sensory Judge

2012 RAS NSW Royal Fine Food (Australia) - Barista

2010 Golden Bean Roaster Championship (Australia) - Sensory Judge

2009 Golden Bean Roaster Championship (Australia) - Sensory Judge

2009 State of Origin Barista Championship (Australia) - Team NSW Barista

2008 Golden Bean Roaster Championship (Australia) - Sensory Judge

2008 State of Origin Barista Championship (Australia) - Team NSW Barista

2007 ASCA Sydney Latte Art Championship - Champion (1st place)

2006 CaféBiz National Latte Art Comp (Australia) - Runner up (2nd place)


Contact details;

+6012 750 1615 - WhatsApp

facebook | Instagram

"Coffee has given me so many great experiences, introduced me to some of the most amazing people, and allowed me to travel, all over the world! I’m looking forward to teaching you so that you can have the same exciting opportunities.” - Tristan

Group bookings are absolutely welcome. We can run a private class for you and your team. Please fill out this quick form and we’ll prepare a quote for you!

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