Pesado Basket 26.5 (20g)

Pesado Basket 26.5 (20g)


PESADO has worked closely with IMS to create a basket with a strong focus on precision and consistency.


  • Uniform extraction achieved by an increased number of funnel shaped holes.

  • All holes are measured for circularity and precisely spaced out establishing an identical performance.

  • Holes are extended over the entire extraction surface right to the edge of the basket which allows increased coverage throughout the entire puck.

  • The PESADO brand uses electro-polishing on the surface of the basket and inside the holes which guarantees the smoothest possible finish and ensures minimum friction.

  • The polished finish prevents filters from clogging and blocking, reducing sediment and wear on components.

  • The Anti-wear design and a light weight make PESADO baskets last almost twice longer than the majority of similar products.

The PESADO brand is highly recognised and used by a majority of coffee machine manufacturers and industry professionals.

The PESADO brand has become a new industry standard.

Tip: When PESADO baskets are used in conjunction with the PESADO 58.5 Tamper, coffee extracts flawlessly with an even and unrestricted flow resulting in a silky and velvety coffee texture.

Tests in independent laboratories showed that Pesado baskets and shower screens have the most consistent performance in comparison to other major brands.


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